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Industry Experience

If you believe 'there is no substitute for experience' then ... look no further than Fletcher Reid for your next outdoor living project. The company owners, Craig Fletcher and Greg Reid, have been landscaping for over 30 years combined.

Landscape Design

Fletcher Reid can plan your unique outdoor space. We can survey and analyze your site, select the vegetation and landscape materials, and set the location of trees, shrubs, pathways, flower beds, seating, grilling, lighting, decorative features and more.

Landscape Construction

Fletcher Reid can develop your exterior space. We can look after site preparation, grading and drainage, retaining walls, paving stone, slate and tile, walkways, plantings, edgings, water features and more.



Hardscaping can be defined as the hard elements, or nonliving features of the landscape. Examples include sidewalks, patios, driveways and planters. If designed and installed correctly, these items will add complimentary textures and function to your space, and new value to your property.


Softscaping is the living, organic factor of a landscape. Examples include trees, shrubs and seasonal plants. Choosing and arranging these elements in an appealing way ensures that your space will have character and colour throughout the year.

Water Features

A water feature of any size will add serenity to your outdoor living. The tranquil sound of trickling water from a pond, pool, fountain or waterfall guarantees a peaceful setting. Visually, they offer a strong focal point and motion as a unique dimension.


Typically, we service London, Ontario and the communities located west and north west of the city. This includes Ilderton, Denfield, Cold Stream, Poplar Hill, Strathroy, Komoka, Kilworth, Delaware and Mount Brydges.

Please contact us even if your region is not listed as we still might be able to help you with your project.

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